Perrigo makes money by making medicine affordable

Joe Papa, CEO and Member of The Board of Directors, Perrigo, Inc.The words “quality,” “affordable” and “health care” barely seem to fit together ┬áin the same sentence – unless it’s a sentence about Perrigo Co. and its CEO Joseph Papa.

Papa is on a mission to make a difference in health care. His company makes store-brand, over-the-counter remedies and generic versions of prescription drugs. And it’s staked its future on trying to make it’s products affordable for everyone.

Papa has proven a pharmaceutical company doesn’t have to gouge to make money. Since becoming CEO of Perrigo in┬áNovember 2006, the company’s revenues have nearly tripled, from $1.4 billion that year to $3.9 billion in 2013, and and its stock has risen a 700%.

This is a refreshing change in a world where health care costs rise many times more the rate of inflation each year.

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  1. Perrigo makes money in a variety of ways. As the headline suggests, making medicine affordable is one way. Buying a foreign company, moving their headquarters to that country to lower their federal tax bill is another.

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